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Home of Love and Care for Senior Citizens in Mangalore

Shanti Vihar is a new endeavour of the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, Karnataka Province, founded by Mother Veronica, who showed the way to reach out to the sick, elderly and the rejected by her devoted and loving service with the motto ‘God Alone Suffices’.

Shanti Vihar is a holistic and unified three-storied building with a courtyard in the centre and balconies on each floor as well as a place for recreation. A lift, a ramp and a staircase connect the three floors. However, the most attractive spot which surely brings peace and solace is the Chapel.



‘Shanti Vihar’– a Home for Senior Citizens at Paldane, Mangalore, an abode of PEACE and LOVE marks the sesquicentennial Year of the Establishment of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation in India. Nestled in the bosom of nature’s calm and serene surroundings, it lends itself to pray, meditate and spend quiet time with God.

‘Shanti Vihar’ offers a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle to ageing elders through a secure and refreshing environment. It has been designed for the comfort of the Residents so that they lead a happy and contented life. We give immense love and care in our services so that the elderly have a joyous and fulfilling experience during their stay.

In this context, the person who comes to my mind is a powerful way is Venerable Mother Veronica, the Foundress of our Congregation. Her deep experience of God’s love, heroic acts of renunciation and life’s constant watchword ‘God Alone Suffices’ have led her to open her heart in tangible love for the needy, the sick and the suffering irrespective of class, creed and religion. Yes, she planted the sapling of the ‘Apostolic Carmel’ in the soil of India 150 years ago and today it has grown into a mighty tree-giving shelter, hope and above all the experience of the beauty of God to a sea of humanity through education and other works of mercy.

May those who come to ‘Shanti Vihar’ a peaceful abode, experience the beauty of life each day and live in the hope of a better tomorrow and let it make a difference in their lives.

– Sr. Maria Shamita A.C

Why Shanti Vihar?

Shanti Vihar offers a comfortable and reassuring lifestyle to aging elders through a plush, secure and rejuvenating environment. Every aspect of the Home has been designed for the comfort of our residents so that they lead a happy and content life. We instil immense love and care in our services so that residents have a joyous and fulfilling experience during their stay.

At Shanti Vihar, the residents, sisters and care-givers are one big family where the younger generation is assisting and taking care of the seniors with the love and respect that they deserve. One can expect all the advantages of a typical large joint family home with the added benefit of complete individual privacy.

Rest assured, your loved ones can live in a comfortable and friendly environment, enjoying the company of others.


Our Dedicated Nuns

Sr. Maria Assumpta


Dr. Sr. Adelcia

Sr. Mildred


Sr. Benedicta

Sr. Maria Sonal


Sr. Jovita

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